Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young promotes different perspectives, communication and cooperation.

“One day seven blind mice were surprised to find a strange Something by their pond.” Frightened they all rushed home. One by one they revisited the Something and felt a different part. 

They came back and discussed what they thought it was, a pillar, a snake, a spear, a great cliff, a fan and a rope. Their differing views caused an argument, each thinking their own opinion was correct. 

The seventh and final mouse explores the whole Something and understood it was an elephant. “Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole.”

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young
Illustrator: Ed Young
Publisher: Philomel Books (2012)
ISBN: 9780399257421

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Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

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