33 Charming Children’s Books for Valentine’s Day

33 Children's Books about Valentine's Day

Love comes in many forms, romantic and platonic, happy and sad. These books for Valentine’s Day celebrate love in the form of friendships, school crushes and family relationships.

20 Charming Children's Books for Valentine's Day

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Books about Valentine's Day and Love

According to Urban Dictionary unconditional love “is known as affection without any limitations or love without conditions.” Love given unconditionally makes us feel loved and of course happier, particularly children. It helps children feel safe and secure in the world and that it is okay to make mistakes.

This collection of picture books about love show characters receiving and giving unconditional love and the benefits of it. They show different kinds of love including platonic, romantic and family love and friends who respect and love each other. So snuggle up with your loved ones and share these charming books.

International Valentine’s Day Traditions

Before we get to the books for Valentine’s Day, here are some global traditions for the day of love.

Denmark: The Danish exchange pressed white flowers called Snowdrops. 

Norway: Cards called ‘gaekkebrev’ are sent anomalously to loved ones

France: Now banned, ‘loterie d’amour’ was a tradition where men and women were paired off. If a man didn’t like his new partner he chooses another one. The women left behind would burn images of these men and shout insults.

Japan and South Korea: Valentine’s Day is for women to give gifts to their love. The tradition flips in March when on White Day men return the favour. South Koreans extended the holiday into April when singles celebrate their life with their single friends by eating noodles called ‘jajangmyeon’.

Wales: Intricate love spoons are given as a gift on 25th January on St Dwynwen day, the Welsh patron saint of lovers. The pattern on the spoon signifies different meanings and are also exchanged at other celebrations.

China: The Seventh Night Festival, called Qixi is the Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day. Offerings are made to Zhinu and Niulang, who in Chinese folklore fell in love but were only able to see each other once a year. 

England: Historically English women placed five bay leaves under their pillow the night before Valentine’s Day. They would wake up having dreamt of their future husband.

Philippines: Many couples in the Philippines partake in mass weddings on Valentine’s Day.

Brazil: Dia dos Namorados (Lovers’ Day) is held on June 12th and they celebrate by giving gifts to family, friends and relatives.

South Africa: Women literally wear their hearts on their sleeves on Valentine’s Day. They write the name of their secret love on a heart and pin it to their sleeve.

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Children's Books for Valentine's Day

These children’s books for Valentine’s Day books are great read-alouds, or wonderful for a parent to share with their child. They provide children with reassurance and positive reinforcement that they are loved and they, in turn, should be kind to others.

What Next?

Though these are great books for Valentine’s Day they can of course be read anytime of the year. What are your favourite books about love and friendship? Let me know in the comments.

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20 Charming Children's Books for Valentine's Day
books for valentine's day

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