The Sheep Beauty: A Story in English and Chinese

Title: The Sheep Beauty: A Story in English and Chinese
Author: Jian Li
Illustrator: Jian Li
Publisher: BetterLink Press Incorporated (2014)
ISBN: 9781602209886

The doctor of Sheep Horn Village found an injured sheep.”The kind doctor bandaged its wound and took it home.” Soon after a monster attacks the village and demands a child from every household. The sheep returns to the village to returns the kindness shown by the doctor. It transforms into a beautiful girl and leads the monster away from the village. The bilingual story includes information about the Chinese lunar calendar.

Series: Jian Li has written a collection of bilingual books on Chinese folktales. The Little Monkey’s Journey; The Horse and the Mysterious Drawing; The Sheep Beauty; Mulan; Zheng He, The Great Chinese Explorer; Ming’s Adventure with Confucius in Qufu, Genghis Khan The Brave Warrior Who Bridged East and West

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The Sheep Beauty by Li Jian

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