Social Justice Picture Books for Young Activists

Social Justice Picture Books for Young Activists

More and more children are getting involved in protests and activism. Help them understand their voice matters with this wonderful collection of social justice picture books, many of which will serve as an inspiration to the younger generations.

Social Justice Picture Books for Young Activists Pinterest

Activism and Young Children

More children are getting involved in activism, whether with their parents or teenagers making their voice heard. But do they really consider why they are protesting? We can help our students understand what activism is all about, why people make their voice heard and the rich history of inspiring groups and individuals whose footsteps they are walking in. The social justice picture books will help give our students change to develop their knowledge and ask questions.

Social Justice Picture Books

These social justice picture books cover many areas of protests and activism. They will prompt conversations about the reasons people fight for their beliefs. There are books for all ages from pre-school upwards. However, some are more suited to older children. Please do some research to discover the best books for your classroom or library.

What Next?

How do you feel about reading protest books to students? With so many strong opinions out there, we may hesitate before wading in. I think as educators we are not telling our students what to believe it, but to make informed choices. Let me know what you think of the selection of social justice picture books.

You can find much more information about books on freedom of speech and social justice at Social Justice Books, a non-profit organisation “whose mission is to provide teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world.”

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Social Justice Picture Books for Young Activists Pinterest

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