Spooky Halloween Books and Activities

Spooky Halloween Books & Activities

Reading picture books is a great way to get in the mood for an upcoming holiday. Halloween is no exception. Whether your child likes scary books or not, there will be a perfect book for them out there. I have selected four Halloween books to share along with an associated craft. You will also find some Spooky Halloween Books on a list at the end of the post with books about witches, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, cats and pumpkins.
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Perfect Pumpkins

Duck creates a jack-o’-lantern to surprise his friends, Pig and Mouse. But when duck stumbles and falls into the pumpkin Pig and Mouse assumes it is a “Pumpkin Monster”, and total panic ensues.

How to Make Paper Pumpkins for Fall

Paper Pumpkins for Fall

This creative activity from DIY Inspired only needs a few materials. The most important is paper which means you can use recycled paper or coloured construction paper to create the perfect pumpkin!


Autumn Leaves

Leo, a lonely ghost, lives in an empty house. When a new family moves in they are unwelcoming. “The family called in a scientist, a clergyman, and a psychic to get rid of the ghost. But they should have saved their money.  Leo knew he was unwanted. He said goodbye to his home and left.” He befriends a girl, but as her imaginary friend, not a ghost. Leo reveals his true identity when he thwarts a robbery, but Jane accepts and embraces Leo’s true identity.

Ghost Blow Straw Craft

Crafty Morning has a lovely craft to make ghost from blowing white paint. Children will create a unique ghost every time!


Each page of Shivery Shades of Halloween offers an answer to the question “What color is Halloween? There are 10 colours, such as red… “Tip of fang,/ Flash of cape,/ Horns and tail,/ A gash, a gape.”

Halloween Spider Slime

What a fun and slimy recipe from The Tiptoe Fairy. Extend the recipe by creating different coloured slime or adding other confetti shapes for an activity you can use anytime of the year.


Spooky Skulls

Funnybones - Ahlberg

“The big skeleton, little skeleton and the dog skeleton left the dark dark cellar, climbed the dark, dark staircase and stepped out into the dark dark street.” After venturing out pair into town the trio of skeletons venture out into the town to find someone to scare. Unfortunately, they can’t find any victims and end up scaring each other.


Paper Plate Skull

This is a fun craft to accompany the Halloween picture book  Funnybones from Glued to My Craft. Children could experiment by changing the shape of the paper plate to make Dog Skeleton.


4 Spooky Halloween Books and Activities
4 Spooky Halloween Books and Activities

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