Spring Book List

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Spring is a beautiful season. Trees and flowers bloom and the weather becomes warmer… most of the time! Spring also means rain, puddles and umbrellas. Celebrate the arrival of spring with this great selection of books. You will find stories about flowers, trees, baby animals and gardening. Why not grab a picnic, a blanket and visit your local park to read these seasonal books. Or sit by a window on a rainy day listening to the sounds of the rain while sharing these books.

Spring Book List

General Information
RE Online: Festivals Calendar
Early Years Experience: Festivals in Spring 
Kids Play and Create: Spring Facts for Kids 
Educational Articles and Lesson Plans
Teacher Vision: Spring Resources
Northern Ireland Curriculum: Let’s Celebrate: Thematic Unit
British Council: Seasons Lesson Plan
National Geographic Kids: All About Spring! video playlist
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: ’Spot It!’ Seasonal Resource Sheet (Plants, birds, insects, nuts, berries, etc)
Spring Book List

Book List Spring Book List Spring Book List Spring Book List Spring Book List

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