Popular Picture Books about Spring

Popular Picture Books about Spring

Browse some popular picture books about spring. Celebrate this season of growth and changes with books that include blooming flowers, trees, baby animals and gardening.

Popular Picture Books about Spring

Celebrating Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year. There is a positive feeling in the air as flowers start to bloom and leaves return to the trees. It is not too hot or too cold and I don’t even mind the rain. It also means the Easter holidays or Spring Break will be right around the corner. And what teacher can’t wait for a break!

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Spring Books for Children

These picture books about spring celebrates this season of change and new beginnings. You will find stories about flowers, trees, baby animals and gardening.

And then it’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

A boy plants seeds in the brown earth of winter. As the seasons change he checks on the seeds and waits. The boy’s patience is rewarded when he sees green shoots and the colour of spring all around him.

Because of an Acorn by Lola M. Schaefer

An acorn is just the beginning. Discover how all living things in a forest are connected through the circles of life. A picture book with beautiful illustrations showing different ecosystems.

Bird House by Blanca Gómez

Bird House by Blanca Gómez

A grandmother and granddaughter find an injured bird on a snowy day. Together, they nurse it back to health. They set the healthy bird free, respecting that it belongs in the wild. The grandmother teaches the young girl that the bird is not theirs to keep, but is welcome to visit the birdhouse they built.

Use the book to reinforce a caring attitude, intergenerational relationships and respect for living things.

Bloom by Anne Booth

A jealous and angry man doesn’t understand why his flowers won’t bloom. A young girl teaches him the importance of his words and how he says them.

Use to discuss kindness, the impact of words, and jealousy.

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

Liam’s curiosity leads him to explore an elevated train track. He discovers dying flowers and begins to nurture them. His dedication pays off when the flowers grow and start spreading over the city.

Promotes the environment, patience and a sense of community.

The Empty Pot by Demi

An Emperor challenges the children in his kingdom to grow a seed. Ping loves flowers and tends lovingly to his seed. But when Spring arrives he only has an empty pot to show the Emperor.

This Chinese folktale promotes integrity and honesty.

The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton

Using his favourite book as inspiration, Joe plants a garden in his grey world. With a bit of patience, a garden with exotic plants and animals grows on his balcony and inspires the rest of the community.

Promotes a growth mindset, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Finding Spring by Carin Berger

As the bears prepare to hibernate, all Maurice can think about is experiencing spring for the first time. He confuses snowflakes with the signs of spring. He collects the snow only to find it has melted when he wakes in spring, but he finally witnesses the beauty of spring.

Reinforces themes of enthusiasm, patience and seasons.

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting

A young girl buys plants from a market before travelling home on the bus with her father. She creates a window garden as a surprise for her mother’s birthday.

In a Garden by Tim McCanna

Follow along as a seed grows in a garden full of flowers, living in harmony with insects that help the garden bloom. Bonus material includes facts about a garden ecosystem.

The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes

A little gardener goes into a deep, long sleep wishing he had help. His beautiful zinnia inspires two children to care for the garden. He wakes to discover his garden has transformed into a beautiful, blooming landscape.

Promotes caring for the environment, perseverance and kindness.

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner

Discover the interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond we see the sky reflecting in the water, but underneath we observe beavers, tadpoles and minnows in their natural habitat. Inspires curiosity and love of the natural world.

Patience, Miyuki by Roxane Marie Galliez

Miyuki struggles with patience. As spring arrives, she is eager to see the garden bloom. When the rain doesn’t arrive, she tries to find her own source of water to hurry nature along. Her grandfather teaches her how nature grows in its own time.

A Perfect Day by Lane Smith

Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and Squirrel are having the perfect day in Bert’s backyard. Perfect until Bear eats their food, crushes the daffodils and drinks the water. What was a wonderful day for a group of friends is no longer, but from Bear’s perspective, his day is perfect!

Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

Another of several gardening picture books about spring. Press, tap, jiggle and point as a flower goes through the stages of growth. When the flower has bloomed its seeds drop to the ground to start the cycle of life again.

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

A mother and daughter plant flower bulbs in the garden. In the winter they buy seeds from a catalogue to plant alongside the bulbs. In spring they watch the shoots peek out from the ground until they are in full bloom.

The Pond by Nicola Davies

A young boy describes the loss of his father and how family members experience grief in different ways. They try to cope by rebuilding the pond he created when he was alive.

Reinforces themes of acceptance, bereavement, relationship skills and self-management.

Rain! by Linda Ashman

A grumpy man and enthusiastic boy wake up to rain with very different attitudes. They cross paths at a cafe where an act of kindness from the boy helps brighten the man’s day.

Promotes optimism, kindness, perspectives, and a positive attitude.

Sakura's Cherry Blossoms by Robert Paul Weston

Sakura's family leave Japan and move to a new home in America. She struggles to settle in until she meets a new friend who shows her the cherry blossom trees in her neighbourhood.

The Secret Garden by Claire Freedman

After the death of her parents in India, a young girl is sent to live in Yorkshire at the home of her uncle. Alone and bad mannered, she explores the estate and discovers a neglected and secret garden. With the help of a young gardener she makes new friends and returns the garden to its former glory.

Reinforces themes of nature, curiosity, determination, loneliness, and friendship.

Tad by Benji Davies

Tad is the smallest tadpole in the pond. His siblings embrace their inevitable change into frogs, but Tad is scared. He soon learns that it may be difficult to face our fears, but things will work out in the end.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Follow the life cycle of a seed as it floats through the sky before settling on the ground and growing into the tallest flower.

Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup

Peek through the hole and watch the seasons change around a magnificent tree and its forest residents.

The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin

A young girl prefers beautiful flowers to the ugly vegetable in her family garden. When she tastes her mother’s Chinese vegetable soup, she realises appearance isn’t important and everything has its own beauty.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner

Discover the different worlds above and below the earth. Up above you will find plants, vegetables, fruits and leaves. Down below we see all the animals who make their home in a garden.

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

Cold, quiet winter transforms into the joys of spring. Repetition and alliteration describe the sights, sounds and smells of this exciting time of year.

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Popular Picture Books about Spring

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