Sweep by Louise Greig

Title: Sweep
Author: Louise Greig
Illustrator: Julia Sardià
Publisher: Egmont (2018)
ISBN: 9781405283779
Sweep by Louise Greig focuses on anxiety, wellbeing and social and emotional learning.

“Ed in a good mood is a very nice Ed. Ed in a bad mood is not. And Ed was in a bad mood.” Great piles of autumn leaves illustrate Ed’s growing bad mood. “This mood swept over him in a raging storm and stuck.” The bad mood thought this was great, but it only made Ed feel worse. He swept up the leaves, and he swept up whatever was in his way, even cars, bicycles and a bus. 

His mood affected the whole town, and he began to wonder if all his efforts were worth it. He just couldn’t keep it up. He knew something had to change. And it did. The wind picked up. It started slowly but soon it became bigger than Ed. When the wind died down the town seemed brighter and he began to notice his surroundings. His bad mood “vanished into thin air.” Though Ed still had anxious tendencies, he was more relaxed and reflective.

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Sweep by Louise Greig

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