Teaching Tolerance and Talking to Children About Racism

Teaching Tolerance and Talking to Children About Racism

Use the suggested resources for teaching tolerance, and discussing diversity and inequalities. They present a powerful starting point for challenging discussions about prejudice, racism and intolerance.

Teaching Tolerance and Talking About Anti-Racism

Discrimination is all around us, so it is vital to raise tolerant and open-minded children. As educators, we can support children in responding to discrimination whether aimed at themselves or others. This could involve standing up for people unfairly treated and not following the crowd displaying negative behaviour. This is difficult enough for adults, nevermind children.

Starting in pre-school on up we can use books and resources like the ones below to discuss diversity and inequalities. A safe, non-judgemental classroom supports students in communicating their questions, fears and confusions. We don’t have all the answers, but we can work with our students for a greater understanding of racism and inequality.

The resources in this post are from a diverse range of organisations and educational websites. They will help you look at current events through history, bias, cultures and social-justice.

Teaching Resources about Anti-Racism and Tolerance

In this section, you will find a wealth of resources to support your students innunderstanding anti-racism. You will find a list of short videos, online resources and places to find ant-racist books.

Anti-Racism Discussion Videos

Not all these videos will be suitable for every age group. Some of them are best used for your own professional development. Watch the video before playing them to your students, then you can find snippets to share with your students.

Where to Find Anti-Racism Picture Books

Over time, I have searched out websites whose focus is on diverse representation in children’s literature. I bookmark these sites and review them regularly to discover books and authors I would not otherwise know about. I have added a list of them below and I hope you will take time to support the individuals, organisations and charities who run these sites. Look through them for advice and ideas on how you can make your school and classroom libraries diverse and representative of people in your local communities and globally.

What Next?

These resources present a powerful starting point for challenging discussions about prejudice, anti-racism and intolerance. Let me know in the comments if you have any more resources I can add to this page.

Remember to check out the Fighting Prejudice with Anti-Racism Books for Kids.

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Teaching Tolerance and Talking About Anti-Racism

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