Thanking the Moon

Thanking the Moon

Title: Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Author: Grace Lin
Illustrator: Grace Lin
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf (2010)
ISBN: 9780375861017
Series: Grace Lin has written and illustrated a collection of books about Chinese festivals: Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival; Bring in the New Year; Fortune Cookie Fortunes; Dim Sum for Everyone; The Seven Chinese Sisters; Kite Flying
“The mid-autumn moon glows in the sky. We go into the night to admire it.” A family prepares to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. They lay a picnic, prepare the ‘moon-honouring table and put up the lanterns.” They eat pomelos and mooncakes and drink tea. “Then we thank the moon for bringing us together and send it our secret wishes.” Grace Lin ends the books with information about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

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