The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown promotes the environment, patience and a sense of community.

In a city “without gardens or trees or greenery of any kind,” Liam’s curiosity leads him to explore an elevated train track. He discovers a few dying flowers and nurtures and cultivates them. “The flowers nearly drowned and he had a few pruning problems, but the plants patiently waited while Liam found better ways of gardening.” 

His dedication pays off when the flowers grow and spread over the train tracks. A snowy winter gives Liam the opportunity to learn more about gardening. In the spring he put into practice what he learnt and spread greenery and colour throughout the city. “The tough little weeds and mosses set out first. They popped up farther and farther from the railway…. but the most surprising things that popped up were the new gardeners.” 
The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
Illustrator: Peter Brown
Publisher: Little Brown Book Group (2009)
ISBN: 9780316015479

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The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

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