The Journey by Francesca Sanna

The Journey by Francesca Sanna

The Journey by Francesca Sanna is an emotive picture book that deals with conflicts, immigration, compassion, independence and courage.
A mother makes the unimaginable decision to escape war, detailed by one of her two children. After the death of their father, they begin their gruelling journey to safety. They face menacing guards, a towering wall and traffickers while travelling by car, truck, foot and boat. The children quieten their fears
, gaining strength from their mother. “Mother is with us and she is never scared” but she is shown weeping with distress while her children sleep. 
Arriving in a country they travel by train and watch a flock of birds flying above. “They are migrating just like us. And their journey is very long too, but they don't have to cross any borders. I hope, one day, like these birds, we will find a new home. A home where we can be safe and begin our story again.”
The Journey by Francesca Sanna
Illustrator: Francesca Sanna
Publisher: Flying Eye Books (2016)
ISBN: 9781909263994

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The Journey by Francesca Sanna

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