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Beyond the Comfort Zone: The Koala Who Could Activities for Classroom

The Koala Who Could book introduces us to Kevin, a koala who learns the valuable lessons of embracing change and discovering courage he never knew he had. The Koala Who Could activities in this post focus on character analysis, sequencing, and fostering a growth mindset. You can also find some read-aloud questions to use with your students today.

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The Koala Who Could Summary

The Koala Who Could book by Rachel Bright introduces readers to Kevin, a koala who is quite content with never leaving his tree in the Australian Outback.

Anxious Kevin is faced with change despite doing everything he can to avoid it. He hates change as the consequences scare him. 

He clings to his gum tree in the Australian Outback as he watches the other animals play on the ground, secretly wishing he could join in.

 Kevin is scared because he sees danger in everything and can’t bring himself to climb down from the safety of his tree. 

Kevin has no choice but to make a big change when a woodpecker disturbs his comfortable way of life.

With the help of his friends, Kevin builds his courage to explore the ground and finds himself having fun.

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The Koala Who Could Activities

The themes of The Koala Who Could include the difficulty of admitting one’s fears and anxieties, adaptability and developing a growth mindset.

This post will focus on The Koala Who Could activities for character analysis, sequencing, and fostering a growth mindset.

The Koala Who Could Student Questions

These questions encourage your students to think critically about The Koala Who Could story, character development, plot progression, setting, and underlying themes.

  1. How does Kevin feel about his tree at the beginning of the story?
  2. How do Kevin’s friends try to help him?
  3. What does the term “growth mindset” mean in the context of the story?
  4. How do you think Kevin’s life changed after the story ended?
  5. Do you think Kevin will approach new challenges differently now?
  6. Were there any times when you felt like Kevin? How did you overcome your fear?
  7. Describe the problem faced by Kevin the Koala and how it was solved.
  8. Why do you think Kevin is afraid of change?
  9. What would you have said to Kevin to help him get down from the tree?
  10. What does ‘change’ mean to you? Is it something positive or negative? Or can it be both?

activity pack contains over 100 questions to ask before, during, and after reading The Koala Who Could.

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Growth Mindset Skills through The Koala Who Could Activities

Focusing on The Koala Who Could activities, you can illustrate the concept of a growth mindset. Kevin’s story is a powerful example of how embracing change and overcoming fear can lead to personal development and unexpected joys.

Identifying Challenges and Embracing Change: Kevin’s initial apprehension becomes a life-changing journey, showing learners that challenges are growth opportunities. 
Activity: Discuss Kevin’s challenges and ask students to share experiences where a change led to something positive.

Perseverance Through Problems: Kevin’s reluctance represents how fear can paralyze action. The narrative demonstrates the importance of perseverance — a key component of a growth mindset. 
Activity: Create a ‘Perseverance Chart’ where students can note down times they kept going despite difficulties.

Celebrating Small Successes: In The Koala Who Could, Kevin’s achievements, though small, contribute significantly to his development. 
Activity: Set up a ‘Success Board’ and let students post sticky notes whenever they achieve something they initially thought was impossible, just like Kevin.

Learning from Others: The book shows how others can impact our growth.
Activity: Paired students can teach each other a skill they’re good at, learning from their classmates just like Kevin learns from his friends.

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Sequencing Skills with The Koala Who Could

Sequencing activities related to The Koala Who Could book help students understand the narrative’s structure, from Kevin’s initial resistance to his eventual acceptance of change. This aids in comprehending the storyline and the cause-and-effect relationship.

Predictable Story Progression: The Koala Who Could follows a predictable pattern that helps reinforce the understanding of sequencing.
Activity: Create a timeline of the main events in the story, helping your students visually sequence each part of Kevin’s journey.

Cause and Effect Relationships: Throughout the book, actions directly lead to reactions, demonstrating the cause and effect relationship, a concept important for sequencing. 
Activity: Discuss specific actions in the book and ask students what events followed, connecting sequences and understanding how they are interrelated.

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Character Analysis Skills in The Koala Who Could Activities

The Koala Who Could activities explore Kevin’s character, analyzing his traits, motivations, and evolution. This analysis offers insights into how characters adapt and grow, encouraging students to reflect on their own experiences with change and growth.

Interpreting Character Emotions: Kevin’s emotions play a big role in the story, and recognising these emotions is a step toward understanding nuanced character analysis. 
Activity: Discuss or write about Kevin’s feelings at various points in the story and why he reacts the way he does.

Observing Character Development: Character growth is at the heart of The Koala Who Could. 
Activity: List character traits that Kevin displays at the start versus the end of the book and how they change over time.

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