The Last Chip

The Last Chip

Title: The Last Chip
Author: Duncan Beedie
Illustrator: Duncan Beedie
Publisher: Templar Publishing (2018)

ISBN: 9781783700622

Proceed from the book support The Trussel Trust

“Life on the street was tough for Percy the pigeon. He was ALWAYS hungry.” Every morning Percy visited the railway station to pick up a few crumbs left by busy passengers. But this morning, a “gang of greedy pigeons had the same idea. Percy was so small that when the crumbs came tumbling down, he was buffeted out of the way.” He wondered how he was going to stop his stomach from rumbling. He flew to a park where he heard “people actually threw seeds in the pond for birds to eat!” But when he arrived a group of greedy ducks chased him away. 

Percy’s next plan was to visit the seaside and he found himself standing in front of a piece of fish. As he reached to pick it up a huge pirate gull “grabbed Percy, slam-dunked him into the nearest rubbish bin and scoffed the whole lot for himself.” A devastated and starving Percy headed home. The hunger made him too weak to fly and he fell to the ground. As he braced himself for another hungry night the hand of a homeless woman reached out with her last chip. “Quivering with excitement, Percy pecked away, savouring every delicious beakful. A tingling warmth spread through his body.” 

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