The Promise by Nicola Davies

The Promise by Nicola Davies

The Promise by Nicola Davies reinforces the themes of determination, environment, open-mindedness and wellbeing.
“When I was young I lived in a city that was mean and hard and ugly. Its streets were dry as dust, cracked by heat and cold, and never blessed with rain.” A nameless girl tries to wrestle a bag from an old woman. The woman gives in, but only if the girl promises to plant whatever is in the bag. She agrees but is surprised to find the bag full of acorns and not the money and food she hoped for.
She keeps her promise and soon the city is overflowing with trees. The girl travels the world transforming desolate and bleak landscapes. Referencing the girls own actions a young thief tries to steal the girl's bag of acorns. She repeats the deal the old woman made with her. “I smiled and made the old bargain, knowing how a heart can change, knowing that my planting will go on…”
The Promise by Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Laura Carlin
Publisher: Walker Books (2013)
ISBN: 9781406337280

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The Promise by Nicola Davies

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