The Rain Came Down by David Shannon

The Rain Came Down by David Shannon

The Rain Came Down by David Shannon is a fun picture book to promote cause and effect, self-management and conflict.
“On Saturday morning, the rain came down. It made the chickens squawk. The cat yowled at the chickens, and the dog barked at the dog. And still, the rain came down.” This chain reaction of events causes a man to yell at his dog, his baby to cry and his wife to shout.
The chaos continues outside with angry and irritable drivers, shop owners and shoppers. Shannon shows all the characters in a more positive light when “the rain stopped! And so did the noise.”

The Rain Came Down by David Shannon
Illustrator: David Shannon
Publisher: Scholastic Books (2000)
ISBN: 9780439050210

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The Rain Came Down by David Shannon

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