The Visitor by Antje Damm

The Visitor by Antje Damm

The picture book The Visitor by Antje Damm highlights loneliness, relationship skills, self-esteem and wellbeing.

“Elise was scared of everything…. So, she never went out. Night or day.” An apron-wearing Elsie likes to clean her home, but she really doesn’t like to leave it as she is easily frightened.  

One day a blue paper aeroplane flies through a window into her grey home. This extraordinary event leads to a knock at the door. Elsie has a visitor who will change everything.

She opens the door to a boy wreathing a red cap and with bare feet and he asks for his plane. This is followed by “Can I visit your bathroom? It’s urgent!” As the boy enters Elsie’s home it fills with colour and makes Elsie smile. An unexpected friendship develops and brings colour and light to Elsie’s lonely life.

The Visitor by Antje Damm

The Visitor by Antje Damm
Illustrator: Antje Damm
Publisher: Gecko Press (2018)
ISBN: 9781776571888

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The Visitor by Antje Damm

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