The Water Princess by Georgie Badiel

Title: The Water Princess
Author: Georgie Badiel and Susan Verde
Illustrator: Peter H Reynolds
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (2016)
ISBN: 9780399172588
The Water Princess by Georgie Badiel and Susan Verde highlights poverty, inequality, adaptability and perseverance.

In Burkina Faso Gie Gie questions why she can tame wild dogs with her song, make grass sway when she dances, play hide-and-seek with the wind but cannot bring the water closer or make it clearer. Gie Gie’s accompanies her mother on the daily journey to collect water. With empty pots on their head, they sing, laugh and twirl as they walk and stop to eat under the giant Kante tree. 

They wait their turn to fill their pots with “dusty-earth-coloured liquid.” Once home they boil the water to drink, wash their clothes and prepare food. They go to bed knowing they will repeat their journey again. “I am Princess Gie Gie. My Kingdom? The African sky. The dusty earth. And, someday, the flowing, cool, crystal-clear water. Someday…”

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