Vibrant Books for Budding Gardeners

Picture Books for Young Gardeners

Vibrant Books for Budding Gardeners

Are you lucky enough to have a school garden or a space to grow plants? Maybe you have a gardening club. If so, take advantage of this to connect your students with nature and the surrounding environment.

There are many benefits to having children involved in gardening many of which are highlighted in the book suggestions below.

  • The results of gardening do not happen overnight so your students will learn responsibility, patience and focus. They will only get visual results if they put in the effort to care for the plants.
  • Gardening in schools encourages cooperation and social skills. They must work together to plan and care for the garden.
  • Your students will learn about different plants, fruits and vegetables and the caring process involved. This leads to learning more about how the weather effects gardening and insects and birds drawn to the garden.
  • Working outdoors in a garden promotes physical activity and a more healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to eat foods they have grown themselves.

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Books for Young Gardeners

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Square Foot Gardening with Kids: Learn Together

"In Square Foot Gardening with Kids, Mel reveals his tips, tricks, and fun projects in one of his most cherished pursuits: teaching youngsters to build and grow a SFG of their own. Kids learn many valuable life lessons when tending their own garden -- such as the importance of following instructions and doing your chores, basic skills like counting and water conservation, and learning to appreciate the nature of food and why it is important to respect it." Cool Springs Press

These book suggestions will motivate all children, not just the green-fingered ones to develop an interest in gardening and nature.

Check out this PBS article about how gardening affects a child’s brain, body and soul.

Do you have a school garden or gardening club? Let me know about it in the comments below! Do you have any book recommendations I can add to this list?

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Picture Books for Young Gardeners

8 thoughts on “Vibrant Books for Budding Gardeners”

  1. My grandmother used to grow a garden every year when I was little. Unfortunatly, this wasn’t a skill that my mother inherited and was able to pass down to me. I’m hoping that, once we have an actual yard, I can learn to garden along side my children. Thank you for sharing these resources!

  2. These look like fantastic books! I love some of the illustrations. Kids seem to love gardening and it’s great when you can combine it with great books!

  3. Great suggestions! We love the We Are The Gardeners book. I appreciate the lesson on learning from “failure” and trying again. I keep meaning to check out that Up in the Garden Down in the Dirt. It looks so good!

    1. Hi Molly, Up in the Garden Down in the Dirt is great. The author Kate Messner has another book called Over and Under the Pond which is good too.

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