4 Picture Books and Crafts to Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn with Picture Books & Crafts

Autumn is definitely here! Today it is cold, crisp with blue skies but as this is Manchester it could be pouring down tomorrow! I have mixed feelings about autumn. While I love the cooler, crisper weather, I miss the light nights of summer. The changing colours of nature makes autumn a beautiful season, which means time for beautifully illustrated picture books and creative crafts. I have added links (affiliate links) to resources you may need for the crafts, but you can probably find many at home or from a quick walk outside. 
Why not head to your local book shop or library to see if any of these titles are available, or use the affiliate links to buy your own. If you purchase I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Signs of Autumn

A young girl walks through her neighbourhood taking in the sights of summer changing into autumn. She travels from her home through a forest, following a stream into the local town. She greets all the changes with “Hello.” They respond explaining what they are doing to prepare for autumn.

Paper Plate Hedgehog

The art blog “Easy Peasy and Fun” have a lovely hedgehog craft, perfect for autumn. Before starting take a walk to collect some colourful leaves.


Autumn Leaves

Great piles of autumn leaves illustrate Ed’s growing bad mood. He swept up the leaves, and he swept up whatever was in his way. His mood affected the whole town, and he began to wonder if all his efforts were worth it. He just couldn’t keep it up. He knew something had to change. And it did. The wind picked up. It started slowly but soon it became bigger than Ed. When the wind died down the town seemed brighter and his bad mood “vanished into thin air.”

Leaf Silhouette Art

The blog Best Ideas for Kids has several autumn/fall crafts. I like this one because it gives lots of choice about how to make your silhouette leaves. They also have great visual step by step instructions.


Autumn Trees

A small sapling flourishes under the foliage of a larger tree. “Season after season he was sheltered… and secure.” The adult tree falls during a storm and the fragile and lonely tree fights to survive for the seasons ahead.

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

Where Imagination Grows has some great craft ideas. These fall luminaries in mason jars are deceptively simple and beautiful.



Bunting’s website explains that a Mopoke is “the Australian nickname for the Southern Boobook, our smallest and most common species of owl. They are known for a love of peace and quiet, and their eponymous “mo-poke” call.” The Mopoke in the book struggles to find the peace and quiet it desires among the disturbances of the bush. Each page has one sentence beginning with “This is…” to describe the owl illustrated on the opposite page, their name being a play on the word Mopoke – slowpoke, fropoke, crowpoke.

Button Owl Art

I love buttons so when I saw this button owl from Repeat Crafter Me I had to add it. Think of all the different various you could make depending on the buttons you have!


Picture Books about Autumn

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Picture Books and Crafts to Welcome Autumn
Picture Books and Crafts to Welcome Autumn

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