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Work With Me

Children’s Library Lady reaches thousands of international educators every month, and I am always on the lookout for outstanding books and free resources to share with them. However, I receive a high volume of email requests for me to add online resources or review books. I work full-time (not on Children’s Library Lady, unfortunately), so cannot take on board all requests. 

If you are thinking of getting in touch, read the information below to make sure we are a suitable fit.

Do you actually review books?

Not in a conventional sense. I believe teachers should choose the suitability of a book for themselves. I am here to highlight excellent that provides more options for educators and not give my opinion.

I’ve worked with many teachers, and they all have their own distinct tastes. My aim is to add a wide range of inclusive and diverse title to promote the breadth of a topic.

If a book fits into the themes on my site, I will add it. If I feel a book is unsuitable, I will not add it.

I am a publisher and want to send you a book for review

I would love to for you to get in touch. Take a look through the categories I create book lists for. All children need to see themselves reflected in the literature around them, that present diverse cultural traditions and family structures that coexist in our communities. Exposing children to diversity in books will promote empathy, tolerance, and understanding.

  • I cannot guarantee that every book sent for review is featured. I reserve the right to not to add all review copies to the website.
  • It may take time for suitable books to make it onto the website. It depends on the posts I have lined up to write (and my day job).
  • I donate any extra copies of books to local charities.
  • I make it clear which books have been sent from publishers.

What about non-fiction books?

I only add narrative non-fiction to the book lists and I am interested in adding more! Get in touch if you want to send copies for consideration.

I have a self-published book to send you

I’m sorry, but I cannot review self-published books.

Can I get in touch about guest blogging?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept guest blogging requests at this time.

I have a link to online resources I want you to add

I get many emails asking me to add links. Unfortunately, most do not relate to the goals I have for the Children’s Library Lady website.

I will only add resources if it will save educators time or will truly enhance their teaching. I will not add any resources that are aimed at parents. Please research which post your resource will best fit into. You can navigate from the blog.

If I don’t respond to your email, don’t take offence, it is just that your resources do not fit the aims of the Children’s Library Lady.

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